A Look at Wine Bottles

Monday, July 23rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

wine bottleDifferent wines come in different bottles. To the wine connoisseur, the wine bottle may be just as important as the wine itself. The bottle can tell a lot about the wine that it holds.  It is not just merely a container from which to hold the wine itself. The size, color and even the shape can tell the wine experts what type of wine it holds, how it was processed and even where it came from. Knowing what types of wine bottles there are can help wine experts initially assess wines even before they are opened for tasting.

Most people rarely notice the wine bottles and instead focus on the valuable liquid that it contains. But the wine bottles itself have their own rich history as to how they came to be associated with the finest wines of today.

In the past, even before wine bottles were ever used, wine producers were accustomed of shipping their wines in large barrels. Not only was it costly then, it prevented other people from being able to afford buying wines due to the fact that they were then sold by the barrel. One may be able to enjoy a glass of wine or two only by buying them in bars and stores during those times. With the arrival of the wine bottle, not only was it more convenient for wine producers to transport their wines, but it made wine more available to more and more people who may not be able to buy them by the barrel.

But the arrival of the wine bottle may not have been that easy for many in the wine industry to welcome, at least immediately. This is due to the high cost of wine bottles during their production. During ancient times, most of the bottles were all specially handmade, or hand-blown, for that matter.

Until the 1600’s, each wine bottle has to be blown by skilled glassblowers one by one. During those times even the wine bottles were considered as items of value and they can cost a lot. Wine bottles then only belong to can be afforded by the wealthy and the rich. Even though glassmakers then tried to cope up with the demand for more wine bottles that they developed molds that help form the shape of the wine bottles as the molten glass were being blown. This might have quickened the process of producing wine bottles, but it still did not make them any cheaper yet. But it was at this time that the shapes that make up the wine bottles then became the defining standard for most wine bottles today.

And as more of the wealthy lot have the convenience of enjoying their wines from wine bottles, they began to notice that this valuable beverage seem to stay fresh longer than those kept in casks. The glass walls of the bottles kept air from interacting with the wine, keeping them safe and stay longer. And as automation during the industrial age began to flourish, the production of wine bottles became cheaper as well as more able to cope up with the demand. This brought about more and more wine producers to prefer wine bottles for their wines more and more. And today, most wines now come in their own special wine bottles, each one with its own story to tell.


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