Buying Wine as Host Gift

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 at 12:00 am

wine as giftHave you ever thought about buying wine as a gift for someone? Or maybe you were quite nervous as you anticipated going to that posh social gathering or party?  Maybe there was a time that you forgot to buy a gift and were at your wit’s end just thinking of what gift to bring them? 

Don’t fret, there is a sure-fire way to make the recipient happy and appreciative of your gift: buy them a bottle of wine.  Wine is a lovely and thoughtful gift that can be given for virtually any occasion. What’s good about is that it can be picked up at the local wine store or even supermarket while you are on your way.

Now, the questions that you have to ask yourself before going around the isles of wines are:  "How much do you want to shell out for this bottle of wine that you’re going to buy?" and "What type of wine will you buy?"  Your answers to these important questions will probably depend on how well you know the person or people you are giving the wine to.

With regard to the cost of the wine, the amount of money that you have to spend should not be a problem.  A respectable wine can be found in the vicinity of ten to twenty dollars.  Should you be willing to spend more than that price range, by all means, that would be fine as well. 

There are so many selections you can choose from and there are so many available choices that sit at the higher end of your selections.  Never ever forget that wine is meant to be enjoyed during festive times or simply during times of relaxation.  Either way, the wine that you will be giving your family, friend or acquaintance will be appreciated no matter what the price.

One of the harder choices is going out there to choose the type of wine that you want to give to the person.  If you know the recipient well, then the answer should not be difficult to come across with.  You might glean some important facts by remembering if they prefer red wines or whites?  Another thing you can use if you know their favorite winery. Another factor to consider is if you are giving this for a celebration?  

If the answer is "Yes", then maybe you would be better off by choosing a sparkling wine or champagne.  Celebrations typically call for champagne, so it’s less likely that you’ll go wrong with this choice. Even those people who are not as crazy about wine will most likely have a glass just in order to toast the occasion.  The important thing about it is you should be able to determine your choice of wine through what you already know about the person receiving it, as well as the style of the event that is being celebrated.

So think long and thorough about the different factors that you should consider. In the end, it’s all about making the wine compliment the event and you enjoying quality time with the people you’re celebrating the wine and the event with.


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