Choosing The Right Wine

Thursday, July 26th, 2007 at 12:00 am

buying wineThe wine shop is one of the most confusing and beautiful places on earth. There is joy and heartache for the wine lover in this humble place because of the vast array of choices that one is presented with.

For the new wine buyer, he is daunted but joyful because of the huge number of selection while the more experienced wine buyer is enthralled with it. The negative aspect for both buyers is that they would simply hate to choose and have their wine-drinking experience limited by their money. There is optimism in getting a great deal when you buy your wine but there is pessimism in getting ripped off.

A wine buyer will probably look to figure out if the Burgundy that he is getting is from an excellent producer or if it is from a good year-maybe even both. For the person who has heard of a particular wine such as an Argentinian Malbec, he is afraid of the prospect of wasting $17 on a wine not suited to his taste.

He probably would be safer if he would stay with his dependable Chardonnay. Some people might even go to great lengths to confuse themselves by simply basing their wine choices on movies such as the Merlot in Sideways. Ultimately, this is a place where you need a lot of time to think and choose. Rush a wine buyer and you might as well commit a mortal sin right then and there.

The description attributed to a wine lover buying wine could be seen as overly dramatic but anyone who loves wine knows that it is quite difficult to choose wine from shops especially if those shops run selections that peak into the thousands. There are even serious collectors who are faced with extremely difficult and tough choices of wines which they have never tasted much less heard before in their lives.

If you are a chocolate-lover and you have been extremely contented and satisfied with the M&Ms that you have always been buying in your regular candy store. Now let’s say you’ve come across a chocolate shop which houses thousands of chocolates-each with a different taste. Now what do you do? Now do you get my point?

Such is the dilemma of the wine buyer. He or she does not initially know what to do simply because they are not aware of what they should buy. If they go with their safest bet, they come home enjoying the same fine taste of the wine that they’ve always loved but in the process, they’ve consequently passed up the opportunity to taste and probably discover better wines out there.

From the hundreds and thousands of selections out there, there is bound to be another brand or another product which will cater to one’s taste. However, there are those who do risk a substantial amount of money so they will be able to enjoy something else but end up not enjoying the wine they bought. In the end, it’s all about trial and error and the joy of discovering a new wine that is just right for you.


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