Choosing Wine from a Wine List

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007 at 12:00 am

wine rackFor the ordinary individual, choosing the right wine can be quite a difficult situation. This is especially true if one finds himself in a restaurant that offers quite an extensive wine list.

Sure every wine on the list may be of the finest quality, but choosing the perfect one that would be a great match for a memorable dining experience can be daunting if not that complicated enough. Here are some tips that may help you choose that perfect bottle of wine that you can find in every wine list being offered to you.


Start with one that you can afford. One does not need to spend a lot in trying to enjoy a good bottle of wine. The most expensive wine on the wine list would not guarantee that you would have in your hands the finest wine in the land. So why go through the risk of burning your pockets and not have the wine that would be perfect for you?

The best thing that you can do is to narrow down your wine list choices to those that you can afford and work your way from there. There are quite a number of more affordable but quality wines from South America that you might want to take a look at.

Wine list options

Try to open yourself to the options other than what you always prefer. Most people may have heard that meaty dishes go well with red wine and limit their options to the best reds whenever they have a meat dish on the table. That may be the color preference for most people.

But there are also quite a number of white wines that would complement the flavors of some meat dishes. One can also opt for rose wines or some reds to go along with seafood that is the area for white wines, at least for the greater majority of people. Just remember that complementing flavors is the key to choosing the right wine and not just the color preference.

Get wine by the glass

If you are not sure which bottle to have, get wine by the glass. In most restaurants that offer extensive wine selections for customers, the wines can also be made available by the glass. So if you are not to sure of which bottle to have with your food, you do not have to waste a wrong decision on a good bottle of wine.

You can order one by the glass. Some restaurants also offer customers to try different wines for the different food courses since a bottle of wine would not necessarily go along well with what is included in the usual three-course meal. This way, your friends may also be able to come up with their own selections that they may see fit.

Ask for help

If you can’t decide even though how hard you try, you can always ask for help. Almost all restaurants that offer a wine list to their guests usually have a sommelier, or wine steward, on hand to offer the selections available. They are there not just to get the wines that the guests look for but to also offer some help.

Sommeliers are trained wine professionals that may be able to lend some expert advice on which wine would go well with what food. You can tell the wine steward on what you plan to order and he will happily suggest a fine bottle or two for you. You can even tell him on how much you can afford to fork out and he will be more than happy to recommend the perfect bottle of wine for you.


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