How to Choose Wine

Thursday, July 26th, 2007 at 12:00 am

buy wineThere are a lot of resources there recommending on how you should go about choosing your wine and how you should be able to get the best deals. This article will only complement whatever knowledge in wine buying and wine selection that you already have.

Try to add these suggestions to your repertoire of wine buying and you will ultimately enrich your wine buying experience. Remember to always take these suggestions into heart and practice them each and every time you browse inside a wine store.

Build relationships with the owner or salesperson

One thing that you should remember is that you should never hesitate to ask for suggestions, help or recommendations from the store owner or the one who is manning the store at that particular time. You may occasionally get the pushy salesperson but it really is inevitable.

However, in most cases, the person who is working in the store will usually share your enthusiasm for the grape variety that you are interested in and they will know where and how to get you a bottle of wine.

And if you happen to frequent the wine store, the person who is in charge will most likely get a feel of what you like drinking after a few trips to the store or maybe even listening to what your tastes are inclined to. Several return trips as well as evaluations of the wine might give them some help when judging your tastes.

Price does not equate to quality

Even though, there might be a enormous price tag that is attached to a 20-year-old bottle of Bordeaux, the wines which are produced today are following the pricing according to start-up costs for the winery or in some cases even the level of investment from outside sources instead of quality or even their status.

In fact, those wines which are produced in the traditional wine growing regions are priced much higher than the wine from a lesser known vineyard even if the quality of the wine from the latter vineyard is much better.

Try out value regions and 2nd labels

Most of the wine lovers go for the wines which are grown on prime regions or even a winery’s 1st label. However there are various wine regions in the world which are quite known for their exceptional ability to come up with very fine-tasting wines at reasonable prices.

The countries of Argentina, Chile, Spain and Australia have so much examples of those. One concrete is example is instead of the Pomerol that is located in Bordeaux, you could opt for the Lalande-de-Pomerol which uses the same grape, Merlot.

You could be well on your way to tasting and savoring the textures of fine wine by trying something new by way of a suggestion or recommendation from the wine store’s owner or manager and you could also literally try out another wine from the same region with just the number of label making it different.

Always be on the lookout for new wines that you are not familiar with to broaden your wine tasting experience. Who knows you might discover another favorite in the process.


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