Cooling Wine In The Freezer

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008 at 12:00 am

iceCooling wine in the freezer can be tricky. The basic deal with putting the wine in a freezer is too preserve it. Trying to cool it in temperatures that might freeze the wine would not be wise. What should be in mind is to try to keep the wine cool instead of trying to freeze it up.

Basically, most freezers keep a temperature at around 5 degrees Fahrenheit. It is basic science tells us that water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, as you well know, wine is composed mostly of water. With the alcohol that the wine has produced, it may lower the wines freezing point by several degrees.

Normally, wine will freeze at around 15 degrees Fahrenheit. This might be a bit lower than the freezing point of water which stands at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. And because most household freezers keep a temperature at around 5 degrees Fahrenheit, leaving your wine inside will surely freeze it up.

Will freezing wine be bad?

Yes, it will be bad, considering that wines are mostly stored in airtight wine bottles. And basic science also tells us that water, when freezing, expands. And since wine inside a bottle has nowhere to go when it expands upon freezing as the freezing wine expands, it builds up the pressure inside.

As this pressure builds up, there are two things that might happen. One, it might create so much pressure so as to let its cork seal pop up or, the pressure becomes so great that it cracks the bottle itself. Either way, you wouldn’t want to end up your wine like this.

Cooling wine in the freezer would be acceptable if you wish to do it for a short time only. This would mean having the wine bottle in the freezer just to keep it cool before serving it. The household freezer may not be the right place to store your wines for long periods. The cooler may be more ideal as long as it is able to maintain a constant and stable temperature.

Sudden temperature changes can affect the quality and flavor of the wine. Maintaining temperature for wines would be somewhere on the range of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Wine coolers would be able to handle the job in storing the wines well by not putting it near its freezing temperature.


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