How to Clean Wine Glasses

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007 at 12:00 am

wine glassesAn important aspect of enjoying wine is the proper use of the wine glass. The art of assessing wine usually includes the use of the proper wine glass for the different types of wines. And such a highly valuable liquid is far too special to be drunk from just an ordinary glass. That is why wine glasses have been regarded as part of a higher social order for those who look after the highest ideals of the wine experience. For a more sophisticated style of wine enjoyment, the wine glass and the wine always go hand in hand.

Caring for the wine glasses should also be considered since most of the best ones are highly valued. Wine glass designs have special meaning as to their purpose as most wine connoisseurs would tell you. The delicate designs may warrant utmost care especially in washing them. Since wine glasses hold such a highly regarded liquid, cleaning them would entail quite a bit of care. There are several methods in which to do this.


A good method of cleaning the wine glass after use is by just rinsing them. But in order to do this, it must be done by using hot water and rinsing the wine glasses about three times until the residual wine has been removed. The wine glasses should then be allowed to air dry and then turned upside down on a clean towel.

Mild detergent

Another known method of washing wine glasses is by using a mild detergent on them. Use it sparingly, with a drop of detergent usually enough to use on each glass. Use a sponge to spread the detergent all around the glass to help remove the wine stains. Then rinse the wine glasses thoroughly and carefully until no sign of the detergent is seen on the wine glasses. Remember that soap residues may interfere with the flavor and the aroma of the wine the next time that it will be used.


For more delicate wine glasses, the soda method may be used to clean them. This can be done by using a special washing soda to help absorb the residual wine on the glass. Baking soda may also be used in the absence of washing sodas. Try to spread them around the insides of the glass in a very gentle manner to allow them to absorb whatever wine residue is left. But bear in mind to store your remaining washing sodas apart from other substances since they can easily absorb the odors that may be transferred to the glasses when used.


For wine glasses with shorter stems and not made of crystal, they can be washed effectively through a dishwasher. But make sure that you use less detergent on them. Also remember not to heat dry them on the dishwasher as this may allow residue detergent from drying up with the wine glass. Instead, remove the wine glasses immediately after the wash cycle and gently dry them off manually with a dry cotton dish towel.


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