Pouring Wine

Monday, April 14th, 2008 at 12:00 am

pouring wineThe right way of pouring the wine is also a part of the whole ritual of the wine experience. There is a fine method in trying to pour the wine onto a glass. For some, it might not matter a lot to pour it just directly onto the glass. But with serious wine enthusiasts trying to learn the fine art of the wine enjoyment experience, it is something worth knowing about.

Enjoying wine is not merely done for appreciation of its exquisite taste. There is a kind of ritual and a set of etiquette that comes with the proper wine experience. It is not merely enjoying a can of beer or soda. That is what makes wine stand out from the rest. That is why drinking it can be a whole new experience to people.

Presentation and opening

As a host of a party or dinner, it is also important to know how to properly serve and pour the wine to guests or friends. It provides a certain elegance and class to the whole ritual and can become an experience in itself.

One of the first things that the host should do is to try and present the wine itself. This includes presenting the bottle so that the guests will know what they are about to drink. The host should show the guests the bottle with the label as well as the vintage in clear view. If requested, host can try and give the guests a closer look before pouring out the wine to be enjoyed.

Taste the wine first

After the presentation comes the actual opening of the wine bottle. Carefully take out the cork with as little noise or disturbance to the wine as possible. Be sure not to leave cork bits falling into the wine or violently disturb the liquid so as to let some of the bubbles to escape.

Before pouring one into the glass of a guest, it is important for the host to have a sip of it first. This is to ensure that the wine do not have any flaws in them such as what happens with a poorly stored wine or one that ends up tasting less than expected. If one does encounter tasting such flawed wines, then it would be good etiquette not to let the guests have a taste of it too. A new bottle of wine may be necessary.

Pouring the wine

When it is time to pour out the wine, it is usual practice to serve it clockwise around the table. The host should hold the bottle right near the bottom and then slowly pour out the contents by aiming right at the center of the glass.

The host should pour out the wine more or less at half full. Avoid filling up the whole glass so as to give the guests some room to swirl the contents and savor its aroma before drinking. When about to stop pouring, one should try to turn the wine bottle just as the content stop pouring out to avoid spilling.

Temperature of the wine

After all the guests have been poured their own share of the wine and there remains a bit left on the bottle, the host should then try to place it on a cooler to keep the wine at the proper temperature. Hosts should avoid serving the wine at room temperature. It should be kept chilled a bit before serving.


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