Types of Wine Glasses

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

wine glassesAlong with a wide variety of fine wines available out there, a number of wine glasses are also made specifically for their own enjoyment. The exquisite wine glass seems to have that appeal that allows the wine connoisseur to have a more enjoyable wine drinking experience. And for that matter, there are now a variety of wine glasses being used for the different types of fine quality wines available out there.

Wine glasses are divided as made for either red wines or white wines. Red wine glasses are known for their rounder and wider bowl, the part of the wine glass that holds the valuable drink. The shape is designed so as to allow the wine a chance to breathe. As most red wines are meant to be consumed at room temperature, the wider bowl of the wine glass allows the wine to cool more quickly after it has been handled by the wine connoisseur.  Other red wine types also require special red wine glasses for their enjoyment.

Bordeaux wine glass

There are Bordeaux wine glasses that are designed specifically for such wine types. This wine glass is specifically designed with a wide bowl and a bit taller than most red wine glasses. They are made for such full bodied wines like Cabernet and Merlot as it allows the wine to go directly to the back of the mouth.

Burgundy wine glass

There’s also the Burgundy wine glass which is made bigger than the Bordeaux glass along with a larger bowl in order to accumulate the smell and aroma of more delicate wines such as the Pinot Noir. The design of this type of red wine glass aims to direct the wine at the tip of the wine connoisseur’s tongue.

White wine glass

Aside from the red wine glasses, there are also a variety of white wine glasses available. White wine glasses are characterized by their narrower bowls that are shaped somewhat straight or with tulip-shaped sides.

This design for the white wine glass allows for the wine to maintain its temperature longer since most white wines are best served chilled. The narrow bowl allows a lesser surface area that allows lesser air to circulate around the glass that can warm the wine. The smaller bowl also allows less contact with the hand and the wine glass bowl, allowing lesser body heat to transfer easily into the wine itself.

Champagne glass

Aside from the above type of wine glasses, there are also wine glasses made specifically for drinking champagne. They are commonly called as champagne flutes and are distinguished by their longer stem and tall and narrow bowl, even much narrower than those of white wine glasses. This special shape is designed to keep champagne and other sparkling wines more desirable to consume.

The tall stem allows the handling of the glass in a way that would prevent the heat from the hand from warming the contents. The narrow and tall bowl is designed to help retain the carbonation of the sparkling wine longer by making the opening of the bowl smaller and for lesser air.


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