Wine Accessories

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 at 12:00 am

wine rackThere are so many wine accessories you may be able to purchase nowadays. There are those types of accessories which may simply inspire you to just continue fortifying your interest in wines or maybe those things which will just enhance your wine drinking experience all the more. Here are just some of those wine accessories that you may run into every now and then.

Wine charms

These are little charms that will be excellent in parties or gatherings. This is one of the little attachments that you may able to put on the different wine glasses to determine which wine glass belongs to what person.

The wine glass charms enable it for the people to easily and immediately know if the glass you are looking at is your glass or not.  Wine charms are also able to add a little bit of creativity as well as color to the table.  Wine charms are available in a variety of distinct styles and you can most likely even make your own should you choose to decide to. 

Wine glass bracelets

A unique and similar version of the wine charms are the wine glass bracelets.  These bracelets are excellent for the use during special occasions simply because they add so much sophistication to the event as well as the one who is drinking the wine. 

They are quite decorative and are much bigger than the aforementioned charms but they are still able to wrap around the stems of the wine drinker’s glass.  These bracelets can be made into adornments which can convey moods of being very festive or classy.  They are also excellent choices for great for birthday parties, holidays or weddings.

Glass caddy

Glass caddies are very useful when you want to store your wine glasses, especially during times that you are traveling, moving, or going on an outdoor picnic.  These caddies contain leather cases which have different dividers that give space for up to six or eight wine glasses. 

These are leather and the dividers ensure that your glasses won’t clank or chip.  Glass caddies are also known to have a handy carrying strap attached to them and because of this, they have become quite popular with wine tasting clubs where members carry their own glasses.

Wine sling backpacks

There are those people who only opt that they carry their classiest wine in the classiest glass totes which look distinctly like leather sling backpacks.  These types of wine holders are surprisingly light and versatile enough so that you can bring them virtually anywhere you go. The best part of this is that nobody would even know you are carrying a bottle of wine around with you. 

Glass rack

This is very ideal if you decide that your wine should be stored and presented in a great way. This is also ideal most especially if you have quite a few wine glass sets that you’ve accumulated over time. If you have been accustomed to lining up your wine glasses in that particular shelf, then it might be time to invest in a nice wine glass rack. 

These racks are able to attach to the wall of your kitchen or maybe even dining room. and your glasses slide right in.  They also hang upside-down so that they don’t get dusty on the inside of the glasses while they are not in use.  There are also sets that come with a small matching wine rack, which is excellent for dinner parties because your wine is right there in the room with you.

Hands-free wine glass holder

If you find yourself to be throwing a lot of outdoor parties and barbecues but would also like to have a nice Shiraz along with your barbequed chicken, you could look into purchasing a hands-free wine glass holder. These hands-free wine glass holders are essentially little stakes that go into the ground and enable your glasses to stand in an upright position without troubling you. 

These accessories are terrific for any backyard barbecue or hanging out at the beach.  You’ll find yourself not spilling precious wine and having glasses bumped less and less while you concentrate on enjoying a nice time with great friends and family.

Sparkling glass

Sparkling glasses is one of the goals of every wine drinker.  Having one would mean that you will be able to enjoy your excellent wine with no distractions of smudges or annoying glass imperfections.  The wine glass manufacturing company, Reidel, makes a micro fiber cleaning cloth that assures you will get your glasses clean and sparkling whenever you want it.

So there you have it. The a sampling of the many options that you can avail of when you want to take your wine appreciation to the next level. Think long and hard and enjoy the experience!


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