Choosing a Wine Cabinet

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

wine rack If you are looking for a way to store your fine wine collection in your home, your ordinary cabinet or refrigerator just won’t do it for you. Fine quality wines require ideal conditions that must be controlled in order for them to develop and age properly. Buying wine cabinets may not be as simple as one may think. You should be able to know what you are looking for and understand the ideal requirements of proper wine storage. Here are some tips that may be able to help you how to find that ideal wine cabinet for your wine collection.

Look for wine cabinets that can accommodate large format wine bottles.

Wine cabinets have wine racks where the bottles are being stored. Since most wine collections usually consist of wines coming from different parts of the world and made by a number of wine producers. It is just natural that they might come in bottles of different sizes. Different wine types are also known to be bottled in so-called large format wine bottles that require a bigger rack than the standard sized bottles.
If you wish to collect fine Burgundy, Champagne as well as Pinot wines, you should be aware that are usually stored in large format bottles that may not fit in standard wine rack. So before you buy that wine cabinet, make sure that it may have ample storage space and wine racks to accommodate large format wine bottles.

Check the cooling system being used.  

The cooling systems in wine cabinets allow the ideal temperature to be controlled among other things. So you have to make sure that the cooling system might be able to operate in a condition where they may be able to provide the most optimum conditions for your fine wine collection. You should also make sure that such cooling systems in wine cabinets that you plan to buy is capable of operating silently.

Remember that these wine cabinets will find its way into your home. Loud cooling systems may interfere with the peace in your own household. And considering that such cooling systems run for as much as 18 hours day, silent cooling systems would surely be preferred. Make this an important factor in choosing the best wine cabinet for your home.

Check out the wine cabinet’s insulation.

Make sure that the wine cabinets have the proper insulation needed in order to keep and maintain the ideal conditions for your wine collection. Lack of proper insulation may require the cooling system of the wine cabinet to work harder in maintaining the proper temperature and other conditional factors for your fine wines.

When checking out wine cabinets, make sure that they have at least about one and a half inches of quality insulation to ensure that your wine collection are properly protected and preserved.

Consider the space requirements for the wine cabinets.

Once you have chosen some wine cabinets, you also have to consider the space where you might plan to place them in your home. You might need to take measurements to be sure that the wine cabinet that you choose might fit right into the space that you plan to place it in your home.

Consider also the space requirements of the wine cabinets that you choose since they might also require certain space clearances in order to operate properly.


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