Finding Proper Wine Storage

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

wine bottlesWith more and more collectors becoming interested in fine quality wines, the need for their proper storage is also getting more and more sophisticated. Wine requires certain conditions in order for it to age and develop properly without losing its fine quality over time. The wrong conditions may allow such wines to turn into vinegar or lose some of the properties that make them so attractive in the first place. With the growing interest in wine collecting among wine lovers, wine storage options have now improved and allow collectors a lot more choices on how they may be able to store their fine wine collection in the most ideal way.

Wine refrigerator

One of the most recent additions to wine storage options available for wine collectors is the wine refrigerator. Such an appliance can provide wine collectors with the need for a proper storage space for their wines. Most collectors today may not have the means to have large wine cellars in their homes. Most of them may not have the time, the space, the money or even the desire to have large wine cellars constructed in their homes. Wine refrigerators may provide the next best alternative for wine collectors to have their own wine stock enjoy the proper storage space that it requires.

For one thing, wine refrigerators, also known as wine caves, can come in different sizes and at prizes that may cater to the needs of even the modest wine collector. They are equipped with cooling systems that allow your wines to be able to be stored. For small wine collections, there are small wine refrigerators available that allow storage for wine collections that consists of a dozen or so bottles. There are even wine refrigerators available today that can provide proper storage conditions for less than a dozen wine bottles. This type of wine refrigerator would be ideal for the beginner wine collector to start off building up on his collection.

Even beginner wine collectors may have been aware of the fact that such a collection might grow and even consist of larger spaces for eventual storage. It would be wise to invest in a bigger wine refrigerator if the wine collector expects to have his collection grow to a hundred of more bottles in the near future. Collectors might be able to invest and also save money for future storage space by considering wine refrigerators that might require some little assembly. These are wine refrigerators that wine collectors might be able to put up on their own. Such types of wine refrigerators provide the most economical way to have a hundred or more wine bottles properly stored at the required conditions.

Refrigerated wine rooms

For serious wine collectors who might require a larger storage space for quite a large wine collection, they might want to invest in refrigerated wine rooms. Wine rooms like these can store a wine collection that can range from 900 to up to 2000 wine bottles. What makes these wine rooms unique is that they are quite modular and can easily be installed or assembled and sized according to a wine collector’s needs. These wine rooms are usually equipped with cooling systems with humidity control to allow the proper storage conditions for even such incredibly large wine collections.


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