Pairing Wine and Pizza

Thursday, July 26th, 2007 at 12:00 am

wine and pizzaIt used to be that when you planned your favorite pizza, you made sure that your refrigerator had enough beer to be able to accompany your Italian pizza. Though, times have already changed. Nowadays, one can substitute wine for beer and can most definitely be your pizza’s best new found friend.

Normally, you’d start of with your typical pizza with the tomato sauce, loads of mozzarella cheese and heavily topped with lots of pepperoni and your classic thin crust. You normally would have beer with this but you might as well try something new. The wine that you would introduce would need comparatively lower acid levels since you already have enough with the tomatoes that you have in your pizza.

The acidity contribution of the tomato mixed with wine can be quite upsetting to your stomach so the acid level of the wine should be just right so that the sugar-acid combination of the tomatoes in the pizza will very well be complemented. The medium-bodied Syrah or Shiraz may be able to give you that perfect blend or the classic California Zinfandel, an Italian Chianti or a Cabernet Sauvignon would do just right for you to enjoy your classic pizza flavors.

You might be thinking, "Well what about white pizzas?" If you’re not that fond of tomatoes on your pizza then you might be surprised to know that even if you enjoy pizzas which are totally devoid of any tomato sauce, you can still have wine accompany it. The bubbly champagne or a Pinot Grigio or maybe an earthy Sauvignon Blanc would just be right to give you the right complement to these types of pizzas.

The lighter style of the pizza will enable you to combine it with also these lighter wine types so that you will not end up overpowering the other with the other’s strong taste. It is important to note that you can try different kinds of whites over a period of time so that it will be suited to your taste.

These are just the suggestion that you can add while eating your different white pizzas but ultimately it is more about what you prefer best. You might want to do some asking around for those who’ve already tried this particular substitute or you might want to do some trial and error. If you already have a favorite type of wine to drink then by all means, break the rules and have red wines with white pizzas and whites or tomato-based pizzas.

Whatever wine it is that you prefer, a good rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t spend more on your wine than you would on your pizza. If you’re not an avid wine drinker then by all means, start off with some bargain wine for your pizza night. Until then, you can simply try wines here and there so you’ll be able to give yourself some taste tests until you find your favorite wine varietal that you want to drink for a very long time.


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