Wines for Summer Grilling

Thursday, July 26th, 2007 at 12:00 am

wine barbecueDuring the summertime, you find yourself filled with so much time for relaxation and noonday sunbathing sprees. However, what you probably wouldn’t normally consider to be included in your summer is the refreshing company of wine alongside with your grilled chicken or pork chops.

Yes, it is possible for you to be able to include wine in your outdoor summer grilling sessions and we give you sort of a "Griller’s Guide" for being able to match certain foods with different sorts of wine. So here they are.

Red varieties

Zinfandels are one of the best bets if you are planning on grilling red meats. This particularly bold type of red wine is able to complement the flavor of meaty and smokey flavors which essentially allows the varietal’s black pepper spic, ripe tannins and acidity to carry the meat’s fats and texture to a whole new dimension.

Zinfandels also are able to blend well with barbecue sauce and mild salsas. However one should be wary that the spice in the sauce not be too much or else they will run the risk of having the wine and the spices compete with each other. Should this happen, both the spice and the wine will end up as foils for the dip

Should you have any problems with spicy sauces, your answer is the varietal, Merlot. This fruit-flavored wine will be able to support the spice and not aggravate it. Merlot goes well with grilled pork chops, chicken and garden-variety salads all in all.

The Syrach varietal is one aggressively fruit-flavored wine which offers mellower tannins as well as a softer-fuller body. This is one of the wines that you would like to bring during barbecue gatherings and because of this, it is probably good for just about any meat.

White varietals

There are white varietals that blend well with several grilled meats. One of the most popular varietals is Chardonnay which will work well with shellfish, chicken with creamy sauces as well as grilled corn on the cob with lots of butter.

For grilled shrimps, barbecue chicken and grilled pineapple and vegetables, you have Riesling as your white wine variety of your choice.

For roasted peppers, vegetables in fresh herbs, grilled fish with dill and lemon, they will certainly be highlighted with a Sauvignon Blanc with a quality that will be able to support marinades and other sauces with like-tasting attributes.

For Mahi Mahis or grilled Cajun chicken, you may want to be able to add some Gewurztraminer to balance out the tastes of the meats using a moderately sweet taste.

You have a lot of options to use in order for you to be able to come up with great-tasting summer-grilled meats. You have a lot of red varieties and white wines to choose from. You could literally have a thousand and one options for better grilled recipes and you can all credit it to the unique attributes of wine and the way that it complements so many tastes and flavors.


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