Wine Glossary G

Monday, September 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Graceful: What one would call a wine which is harmonious as well as enjoyable in a subtle way.

Grapey: Characteristic of the flavor and the aromas of grapes-more particular the fresh table grapes. There are other more complex fruit flavors which are reminiscent of other fruits such as black cherry, currant, fig or apricot.

Grassy: This is a type of unique characteristic for Sauvignon Blanc which is considered as a pleasant taste if it is not overbearing or pungent in nature.

Green: The taste of fruit which is unripe. Wines that are made from unripe fruits will most definitely acquire this type of quality however it is an enjoyable quality that can be found in Riesling and Geurztraminer.

Green Harvest: The trimming of unripe grapes to decrease crop yields, thereby improving the concentration of the remaining bunches.

Grip: Denotes the firmness in a wine’s texture that is usually from the tannins that it contains. This helps define wines such as Cabernet and Port.

Grown, Produced And Bottled: This simply means that the winery grew, produced and bottled the wine from start to finish.