Wine Glossary L

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Late Harvest: This is on the labels and it means that the grapes that make up the wine were picked  very much later than normal also with a higher sugar level than normal. This is most commonly associated with botrytized and dessert-style wines.

Leafy: This describes the mildly herbaceous and vegetal quality of wines that is reiniscent of leaves. This can be a positive or a negative and is dependent upon whether it adds or takes away from a wine’s flavor.

Lean: This is not necessarily a critical term which is used to describe any wine which is made in an stark style. When it’s used as a term of criticism, it indicates that a wine lacks fruit.

Lees: In a barrel or tank, it is a sediment is the thing that happens during and after fermentation. It indicates that a wine is aged or "on its lees".

 Legs: These are the different viscous droplets that form and ease down the sides of the wine glass when it is swirled.

Length: The time that the sensations of the taste and the aroma of wine lasts after you swallow it. The longer, the better.

Limousin: An oak cask from Limoges, which is located in France.

Lingering: Describes the flavor and the persistence of a wine’s flavor that is in a wine after you taste it. When the aftertaste stays on the palate after a few seconds, it is described as a "lingering" taste.

Lively: This describes those wines which are fruity and fresh as well as bright and vivacious.

Lush: Wines which are quite high in residual sugar and which taste a bit soft or viscous.