Wine Glossary R

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Racking: This is the practice of moving wine from one container to another by means of a hose in order to leave sediments behind.

Raisiny: Wine that is described as having the taste of raisins that usually comes from very ripe or overripe grapes.

Raw: Young and under developed. This is often used as a good description for barrel samples of red wine. Raw wines are usually tannic and may have elevated levels of alcohol or acidity.

Reduced: Term that is usually used to describe a wine that has not been exposed to air.

Rehoboam: Term for an oversized bottle usually used for storing champagne that is equivalent to 4.5 liters or six standard bottles of wine.

Remuage: The process of riddling of the bottles, in Champagne production in order to send the yeast lees towards the neck of the bottle for removal.

Residual: This term refers to any substance that remains after the fermentation process.

Residual Sugar: Unfermented grape sugar that remains in a finished wine.

Rich: Term used for wines with generous, full, and pleasant flavors. Such wines are usually sweet and round in nature.

Robust: Wine that is described as full-bodied, intense and vigorous.

Root stock: Root system where a grape variety is being grafted for further cultivation.

Round: Term that describes a texture that is smooth.

Rustic: Term to describe wines that are made by old-fashioned methods. A description of a wine that tastes like those made in an earlier era.