Wine Glossary V

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Vegetal: Term used to describe wines that contain certain elements in their taste and smell which are suggestive of plants and vegetables.

Velvety: Wines having a rich flavor coupled with a silky and sumptuous texture.

Viniculture: The study of grape cultivation for wine and winemaking.

Vinous: Term that means "winelike". This is oftentimes applied to dull and poorly made wines that lack some distinct varietal character.

Vintage Date: On the wine label, this indicates the year that a wine was made. Wines marked with vintage dates usually follow certain regulations including a specified percentage of grapes harvested on a single harvest or vintage year.

Vinted By: Term that is used in wines as those purchased by a certain winery from another and bottled it under their name.

Vintner: Term that refers to a wine merchant. The term is also used generally to refer to a wine producer or winery proprietor.

Vintner-grown: Term for wines that came from a winery-owned vineyard located outside the confines of the winery’s delimited viticultural area.

Viticultural Area: Term that is used to refer to a legal grape-growing area distinguished by geographical features, climate, soil, elevation, history and other definable boundaries.

Viticulture: The science and study of the cultivation of grapes.

Vitis Vinifera: A classic European species of grape primarily used for making wines. Examples of wines made from this species include Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

Volatile or Volatile Acidity: Term that describes an excessive and undesirable amount of acidity in the wine which makes it come out slightly sour with a vinegary edge.