Wine Glossary W

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Watery: Term that describes a taste of wine that is thin and lacks in flavor.

Weak:  Terms that describes a wine having a lack of character

Weedy: Term to describe wines with aromas or flavors reminiscent of hay or grasses.

Weighty: Wine term that best describes a strong, powerful, full-bodied, forceful character.

Well-balanced: Term that describes wine containing all of the essential elements like alcohol, flavors, acid or astringency etc in good proportions.

Wine-press: A type of device used in winemaking that consists of two vats or receptacles. One of the vats is used for crushing the grapes and the other one for collecting the juice.

Wine cave: A large cave excavated in order to provide a cool location for storing and aging wine, quite similar to a wine cellar.

Wine cellar: A cool, dark location where wine can be stored and aged.

Wine fault: Terms used to describe the undesirable characteristics in wine that is caused by following poor winemaking techniques or storage conditions.

Wine label: The sticker seen on the sides of wine bottles that contains descriptive information about its contents.

Wine tasting: The art of sensory evaluation of wine, not only of its taste but also of other properties such as texture, aroma, and color.

Wine thief: Another term for a wine sampling tube that is usually made from clear glass or plastic tube with a narrowed opening at both ends. The other end of the tube is lowered into the wine container and allowed to fill to a predetermined level and is then withdrawn. The wine collected is then poured out into a wine glass for use by the taster.

Woody: Term used to describe wines having excessive aromas of wood, common to wines aged over long periods in casks or barrels.