Wine Trivia

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007 at 12:00 am

grape wineWine has been enjoyed by many for quite a long time now. Its history dates back into ancient times when grapes was first known to be cultivated and fermented into an ancient brew that became the process that was eventually followed in the production of modern wines. The long and rich history of wines comes with a number of quite interesting trivia that revolved around this popular drink and how it was made. Here are just some interesting samples to think about.

  1. For quite a number of wine loving people all over the world, the word Champagne easily strikes a familiar chord. And most people know that it was a certain French monk residing in the Benedictine Abbey in Hautvillers who was credited for "inventing" the process on how Champagne is made. The monk by the name of Dom Perignon, developed the way of holding the cork in place to help withstand the pressure inside the bottles that eventually became the Champagne. But it may be quite unknown to many that this humble monk was actually blind.
  2. Sparkling wines are known for their bubbles, so most likely they would produce foam as they are being poured. In order to prevent excessive foaming, it is suggested that an ounce of the wine be poured first and left to settle for a bit. The remainder of the serving is then poured into this starter so that the sparkling wine would not foam as much.
  3. Grape cultivation has become a very important industry all over the world. It has grown steadily over the years that there are now over 20 million acres of land planted to grapes worldwide. And not only that, wine grapes today rank as the number one among the world’s fruit crops when it comes to the number of acres used for its cultivation.
  4. Grape cultivation for use in winemaking really takes patience. It is known that newly replanted grape vines usually take four to five years before they are ready for a harvest of a commercial crop.
  5. Today, there are over 10,000 varieties of grapes used for winemaking that exist worldwide.
  6. The oldest wine review on record is over 200 years old. It was made by Pliny the Elder as he wrote the History of the Roman Empire around 70 AD.
  7. There are over 400 species of oak trees that exist today, yet there are only about 20 species that are used in making oak barrels for wines. Of these 20 species of oak trees, only five percent of them are suitable for making high grade wine barrels. High grade oak barrels usually makes use of species such as the French oak tree which is harvested for use in wine barrels at an average age of 170 years old.
  8. Even in ancient times, wine has been considered as a drink for the classy lot. It was found in certain archeological findings that in King Tut’s Egypt which existed around 1300 BC, it was the ordinary folk that drank beer while the upper class drank wine.