California Wine Tasting Tour

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am

California wineryIf you wish to enjoy a unique look at California on your next vacation, you can check out some of the exciting wine tours being offered there. California has been known to have a pretty big wine industry for many years now. Some of the wines produced in this state have been known for their quality and it is such a good opportunity for wine lovers to take on one of the wine tours available.

For tourists out there wanting to see more of California other than the usual fare of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and other top California tourist spots, the wine industry in the state has something that might just work. California has quite a number of wineries as well as acres upon acres of sprawling vineyards that would make any tourist rethink their usual view of the state. The wine industry has become as popular as the entertainment industry that has made California an exciting tourist destination. The growing popularity of California wines has enabled the state to build up its reputation as one of the best wine growing areas in the world.

With that in mind, tourists can have quite an experience going through a wine tour in California. There are two main areas in California where tourists may head out to start off their wine tours. Napa Valley is one of the main wine grape growing and winemaking locations in California. This is where tourists may be able to see a different side of California. Napa Valley boasts of wide expanses of vineyards that blend in quite beautifully with the surrounding countryside. This area offers the tourists some of the most notable wineries to be found in the state. And there are quite a number of wineries that will take more than just a single vacation to go over.

In Napa Valley, not all the wineries may be available for a public visit. There are some that can accommodate visitors by appointment only. Some offer tours of their wine estate following a regular schedule.  There are also wine clubs that some of the Napa Valley wineries offer to their visitors which may include such privileges as discounts on wines, exclusive invitations to food and wine tasting events, etc. It might be something that both local and overseas tourists to California would want to check out.

Sonoma County also offers one of the best wine tours in California. Also considered as one of the main winemaking regions in California, Sonoma County is considered as the place where the winemaking industry in the state began. With over 40 fine wineries to check out, this area is something worth exploring, especially for those looking for a one of a kind wine experience. One can also get a taste of history visiting through the earliest vineyards ever founded in California since the 1800’s.

These wine tours can give tourists an interesting glimpse of the other side of California. It is quite an experience that every visitor should have on their schedules the next time they plan to visit this wonderful and exciting state.