Plan a Wine Tasting Tour

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am

wine tastingThe next time you go on a wine tour, it is important that you do all you can to prepare for it. Planning and preparation, just like on any type of vacation trip, is also essential when you go out on a wine tour.

For the first timer, it would be wise to join in on group tours so that your experience might be made more exciting with other wine tourists accompanying you. You might also learn a lot from your group mates along the way and you can strike up a conversation while on the road and even make some friends.

There are also others who prefer to plan their own wine tours instead of getting some tour packages already made available in order to have a more varied choice of wineries to visit and for the sake of adventure.

If you wish to plan your own wine tour with a small group of friends, bear in mind that it may take a considerable amount of time just planning and preparing the tour from start to finish. It would be helpful if you have gone through wine tours before so that you already have an idea on what to do. Here are some tips that may help you make the best out of your wine tour.

Map out your visits.

When you plan out your wine tour, make sure to visit wineries that are clustered together in a certain area. This will ensure that you do not spend most of your time traveling long distances from one winery to another. Try not to visit more than five wineries in a day. Three wineries for the first day are good enough to start off your wine tour. You also have to make sure that you check out the wineries that you plan to visit. Check out if some wineries have restaurants nearby to ensure that you have a place to eat along the way.

Use a comfortable car to ride in.

Wine tours usually entail quite a time along the road. It is better if you and your group make use of a comfortable car that can take you from one winery to another. A large limo for a group may be a nice and luxurious way of going on a wine tour, if you can afford renting one.

Take a cooler with you.

As with many wine tours, you and your group may be offered with quite a number of quality wines to check out. It would be rare for anyone in the group not to buy and bring a bottle or two back home. A cooler may be handy to bring with you if you plan on buying bottles and bottles of wine along the way. It might help prevent your wines from being exposed to the heat in the trunk.

Avoid wearing strong perfumes.

It will interfere with the wine aromas, robbing you of one of the most important aspects of wine appreciation. You would be better off not using colognes, aftershave or other products that emit strong odors so that your own smell would not interfere as you and your group goes through an interesting wine appreciation experience.