Wine Country Tours

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am

winery tourIf you are excited going on a wine tour for the first time, there are some things that you should consider first. Getting a good wine tour package may be the easiest way of starting off your first wine tour to do away with all the hassles of planning and preparation.

Once you have found one that would suit you, there are some other things that you should take note of. Along the wine trail, you can expect traveling with a group of other tourists and may be crammed up in a bus along with them. So it is important that you travel light. You can bring along a small bag with you where you can store some of the wine tour essentials as well as other personal things.

Before you even get out of your hotel room to join in with your wine tour bus, make sure that you do not wear anything that gives off a strong odor like perfume, cologne or aftershave. They may interfere later on with how you might better appreciate the wines offered to you. Strong odors may easily combine with the aromas in wine. Also remember to wear dark clothing.

Wine appreciation usually includes spitting as part of the process. Each gulp of wine is usually spit out after it is appreciated for its characteristics rather than drunk. With spitting, incidents of wine staining clothing might happen more than usual. Wearing dark clothing can help make this as a minor problem.

When you visit your first winery for the day, have a notebook along with you. It would help if you have a number of wineries to visit with a number of wines to taste. You can record each wine tasting experience in your own little notebook so that you may not mix up one type of wine with another. This might later on help you remember all the wines that you tasted on your first wine tour.

When its wine tasting and savoring time, make sure that you start off with the dry and light varieties at each winery. This would ensure that the first wine tasting would not affect the next one in some way. You can then progress to test out full-bodied wine varieties and end up with the sweeter wines that the winery has in store.

If you have time and with the winery having only a few visitors, it would help by asking questions to any tasting room personnel. If they’re not busy with a lot of guests, they usually would love to answer your questions especially regarding their wines.

With every wine taste that you go through, it is important that you spit out every gulp of wine that you have tasted. Spitting is an essential part of the wine appreciation experience especially if you have numerous wines still to try out. It is also an acceptable wine tasting room etiquette to spit out the wine after you have tasted it and appreciated its character. But make sure that you spit it at some designated areas and not just all around the room.

Try also to drink some water after tasting the wines in order to wash of any lingering taste of the previous wine in your mouth. This will make you ready to try out the next batch of wines on the ongoing wine tour.