Australian Cuisine

Friday, June 1st, 2007 at 12:00 am

Australian cuisineAustralian cuisine is traditionally based on British cooking brought to the country by the first European settlers. This consisted of pies, roasted cuts of meat, grilled steaks, and other forms of meat generally accompanied with vegetables.

Along with it multicultural population, Australian cuisine has been influenced by a variety of Mediterranean and Asian foods originally introduced by immigrants. Consciousness for traditional Aboriginal food has also emerged, with spice-like qualities foraged from various Australian plants.

The use of seafood is popular in the island, while barbecues are common during weekend family gatherings, as well as fundraisers for schools and local communities. A typical barbecue consists of sausages and onions served on white bread with tomato sauce. These are most often referred to as "Sausage Sizzlers."

Even with these influences, English cuisine is still evident in Australia such as the widespread tradition of having roast turkey, chicken, and ham with trimming followed by a plum pudding for Christmas lunch or dinner. This is despite the fact that the holiday is celebrated in Australia at the height of the Southern Hemisphere summer.

The typical Australian breakfast strongly resembles that of many Western countries. However, breakfast here is generally lighter, owing to the warm weather. It is in the colder regions of Australia that the likes of porridge or meals similar to the full English breakfast may be consumed. The light breakfast commonly consists of cereals, toasts with a spread, and fruit.

Meanwhile, a heavier version of the breakfast frequently include fried bacon, eggs, mushrooms, baked beans, sausages, tomatoes, and toast with spread. Drinks taken during this time of day vary from breakfast tea, coffee, flavored milk, or fruit juice.

The evening meal is the main meal for most Australian, where members of the household would gather around and have a hearty dinner. The dishes served would vary widely according to the family’s tastes. Common choices would be roast meat with vegetables, pasta, pizza, casseroles, barbecue meat, vegetables and salads, soups, and stir-fry.

Australia also has food that are unique in the country. For one, it is here where you could get a taste of native Aboriginal diets, consisting of native meats and plants. You could also have some uniquely Australian meats such as kangaroo, emu, barramundi, travella, Moreton Bay bug, flathead, and yabbies.

And of course, first-timers in Australia are somewhat "required" to have some Vegemite, a black salty spread made from yeast extract. It is commonly applied (by the dollops) on toast.


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