Loire Valley Vineyards

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Loire ValleyThe valley of Loire holds four main sub-regions as well as a number of appellations that can be found in each. From the Brittany coast, working your way inland, these appellations are the following:

Vin de Nantais

This is where you will find the Muscadet grape. It is where Muscadet wine is made. The taste of Muscadet wine is particularly dry as well as fruity. It is the type of white wine that is grown around the town of Nantes. The way to drink this type of wine is in its freshness and youth. There are better quality Muscadet wine that are bottled straight from the sediment which is produced due to the fermentation of the wine. An intense flavor is then produced and the possibility of having a hint of CO2 is imminent due to the fermentation of the wine.


This particular wine region stretches for about 14,500 hectares which is approximately 25% of the Anjou region alone. This is responsible for the production of around 820,000 hectoliters of AOC wines per year. The Saumur region is responsible for the production of AC white wines which comes from the dry Chenin Blanc grape. The soil where it grows in is called "tufa" which is a volcanic type of chalk. The combination of this particular type of chalk as well as the Chenin Blanc gives the wine from Saumur its distinct taste. The whole area of Anjou-Saumur is where you will find the medium sweet Anjou rose which originates from the Groslot grape. If the wine comes from Cabernet, it is called Cabernet d’Anjou.


The wines that are in Touraine can be red, white or rose. There are some sparkling wins which are also made here. The most famous appellation is that of the Vouvray area. Even though it is made from the Chenin Blanc grape, the widest variety of styles of wine is produced. It may be sweet, medium, still, sparkling or dry wine. The fact of the matter is, wines from this region are the most diverse. The sweet wines are particularly the most diverse and long-lived. The label is not always indicative of the style of wine that is in the bottle. In the region of Vouvray, it is also composed of tufa chalk which is good for producing excellent sparkling wine.

Central Vineyards

They bear their name specifically because they are situated in the center of France. The wines that come from this region are notably different in their styles as they are as delightful and varied as those coming from the western part of the Loire Valley. For white wines, you would have to highlight the Sauvignon and for the reds and roses, the Pinot Noir and the Gamay grape are the ones that you should look out for.

So there you have it. The different appellations that the French wine region of Loire has. From the vibrant reds to the fragrant roses, the different wines that are produced in this particular region are enough for you to keep coming back for more.


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