Greek Wine and Grape Varieties

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Greece wineWinemaking has part of the culture of a lot of countries. Greece is no exception to it. Greek wine has been said to be a very significant aspect of viniculture and its production has contributed to the legacy that the Greeks have already established.

The wines of Greece has long been in the shadow of French wines as well as the rest of Europe. It seems that Greek wine is being discovered and enjoyed only in recent times. The land that worshiped gods of wine such as Bacchus is indeed keeping up with their tradition of making excellent wines.

There are small wineries which are focused on maintaining quality and have already implemented distinct viticulture methods. Combined with the famous Greek sunlight, the country of Greece has been able to come up with fine-tasting wine.

In Santorini, they have a technique of having the grapevines twine around in a basket shape. This enables the moisture to be preserved and it effectively protects the vines from the battering winds that are all over the surface of Santorini. Because of techniques such as this combined with the volcanic soil that covers the area of Santorini, Greek wine in this region has become particularly smoky in taste.

The country of Greece is an established producer of wines as well as local alcohols. There are several types of wines that are produced in Greece. Some of them include Tsipouro, which has quite a strong taste-so strong that sometimes, the Greeks add ice and water to it in order to steady the taste.

There are a lot of people who like this type of wine as they accompany it with mezedes (appetizers) and good company. There are even some who make their own tsipouro. These home-made wines are either called "tsipouro" or "Raki", depending on the region where it is made. The latter has a much stronger taste than tsipouro.

Other notable wines in the Greek region is the ouzo, which is probably the most famous alcohol made in Greek. It is practically a trademark of the country. The best ouzo is made in Lesvo and the best trades are Ouzo Plomariou. Another famous wine worth noting is Retsina. It’s a wine with a distinct resin taste. This taste is because of how the wine is made. They put the grapes in a new cask which still have the wood resin on them. This is why Retsina has that particular taste.

Greek wine has become a very distinct type of wine with different, unique tastes. The different wineries in Greece usually do not export their small output so when you go to Greece, be sure to come with an open palate. It’s the best thing that you could do since these wineries do not have any of their products anywhere else in the world.

You should also be aware that the different wineries do not have any tasting rooms. In order for you to be able to try the local wines, you should visit the restaurants. The wines in Greece will very much surprise you simply because they are not the usual wine that you are probably accustomed to. They will definitely make a mark on you. And whether you come back or not, you surely will never forget Greek wine.


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