Introduction to Italy

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Italy florenceWhen it comes to Italy, what comes to most people’s minds are pizzas, pastas and the Mediterranean way of life. True, that somehow talks a lot about Italy and what it has contributed into the global culture. But Italy has other things to offer for eager visitors who would want to know more about the country and its many attractions.

Italy is situated ideally in the magnificent confines of Mediterranean Europe. It is surrounded by France in the Northwest, Austria and Switzerland in the North, and Slovenia in the Northeast. Seas mostly surround the peninsula on the other side. Italy is unique from most other countries in that the independent states of the Vatican and San Marino are located within its territory.

Italian is the predominant language being spoken in this country although there are certain minorities that also speak German, French and other languages.

Italy is home to over 58 million people, the fourth largest population in the European Union as of 2005. with this population and with over 116, 303 sq. miles of land, it has the fifth population density in the whole of Europe with 195 persons living per square kilometer.

Its most heavily populated city and probably its most famous city, is Rome. Other major cities in Italy include Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo and Genoa. Italians are predominantly Roman Catholics although it is no longer considered the state religion.

In terms of economy, Italy is ranked seventh among the world’s largest economies and the fourth largest in Europe. Its economy is fueled by its being the sixth largest exporter of manufactured good in the world. Both the industrial sector in the north as well as the agricultural sector in the south have worked together to make Italy one of the most developed countries in the world.

Italy’s major exports include motor vehicles, chemicals, electric goods, petrochemicals, aerospace and defense technologies, and firearms. But what is still probably the more famous exports of the country belong from the food industry sector.

Italy is blessed with a stunningly beautiful landscape that has been its main attraction. The country contains quite a number of beautiful geographic features including majestic mountains, idyllic islands, picture-perfect lakes as well as cities that ooze of the culture and the beauty that build them through the years.

Italy is an exciting county always full of surprises for its visitors. And because of the many visitors that come yearly to experience what the country has to offer, tourism has continued to become an important cog into the country’s new economic machinery. It has gone through a lot of aggressive marketing as a major tourism destination that it has been considered fifth in the world in terms of tourist yearly inflows.

Italy is a country where art has been held in high esteem since the ancient times. The country has been a great part in the development of the different artistic movements throughout the years with its artists and well known intellectuals contributed a lot into the development of its culture and art that it has shared with the whole world.


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