Moldova Cuisine

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Moldova cuisine goulashWhat is wine without pairing it with some great cuisine. A distinct cuisine that is truly Moldovan cannot be possible without the fertile soil that provides for what the people has been using to prepare the Moldova cuisine for centuries.

The cuisine of Moldova is a fusion of elements from Ukranian, Bulgarian, Gagauzian and Russian Cuisine and a long time influence by the Greek and Turkish food. Traditional meals usually is composed of ingredients usually a mixture of vegetables. In Moldova, however, vegetables are not used in salads and sauces and instead baked, pickled or salted.

Maize and Maize is an interesting ingredient as well in their cuisine. The flour is actual a very specific ingredient in Moldovan cuisine. The purpose of which is to give color to the traditional food such as soups, biscuits, flakes and much more.

Meat on the other hand is also the first ingredient in very cooked food. The table will always be served with chicken soup, goulash, roast meat, grilled minced meat rolls, even lamb chops. And what would be its best pair but wine. Wine has been part of Moldovan culture and the cuisine is but a reflection of the bountiful of the land and the warmth.