Moldova Wine Regions

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Moldova vineyardRepublic of Moldova has an established wine industry. The difference however, of Moldova with other wine countries, lies on the production of wine. Moldova wineries are managed by families. Each family have their own formula and strands of grapes. With the long history of wine making in Moldova, these recipes have been from series of generations and has become the story of each family.

The lands of Moldova witnessed the growing of grape seeds over 6 to 25 million years ago. Wine has been cultivated for millions of years, that the tradition can be weighed back to ancient times, even beyond the period of Romans and Greeks.

Wineries flourished up until the invasion of the Huns in 376. Wine making, however, came back by the 14th century. The feudal set up supported the production of wines. The boost in the production was attained however, by 1812 wit h the traditional wines coming back to the scene. By the second half of the 19th century, on the other hand witnessed the expansion in grape variety. French varieties has been introduced to vineyards.

The land of Moldova, with no doubt is rich enough great for agriculture. By the end of 1999, Moldova registered about 162,000 hectares of vineyards. Approximately 127 wineries are producing 1-1.4 million hecto-liters of wine every year.

At the moment, the main wine regions include Codru, Balti, Cahul and Nistreana. The main wine producers on the other hand includes: Cricova MileÅŸtii Mici Aroma Dionysos Mereni Flori Vitis Hincesti, Barza Albă, Belii Aist, BălÅ£i, Speranta, Bucuria, Prazdnicinii, Codru, Interalco , Kagor

There had been pitfalls in the wine industry for the past years but then, the wine industry never failed to make a come back in the production of the best wines in the world. Exporting of the wines has increased especially in bordering countries and most especially in the United States.