Introduction to Romania

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Romania Peles castleJust hearing the country’s name harks back a memory of the Romans. They call their country Romania, from the word Romanus, which means the Romans.

Up to date, we recognize the brilliance of the Roman empire in military advancements and architecture as well as their fondness in revelry celebrating each victory with wine. And every time we hear her name, we can’t help but smile and be reminded.

The beautiful land of Romania is found in Southeastern Europe. Her terrain is divided with the the diversity of mountainous, hilly and lowland territories and because of this diversity combined with temperate continental climate, the land is rich is the diversity of flora and fauna.

With a climate much like the Republic of Moldova, it is no big of a wonder that, the land too houses one of the world’s largest wine producers. Just for the year 2003, about 547, 700 tons of wine was produced.

Apart from the interesting geography, having as Hungary and Serbia as borders at the west while Ukraine and Moldova at the northeast , the enamoring Carpathian mountains run through its center. It is considered to be 12th largest country in Southeastern Europe.

Majority of the population are Romanians while less than 20% are ethnic groups. The official language is Romanian which is considered to be an Eastern Romance language.

Much like the Romans, wine is embedded in the culture of the people. For centuries, the country has been a home to several grape varieties that paved to its ownership of remarkable vineyards and wine.