Romanian Wine Regions

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Romania vineyardRomania has been inhabited since prehistory. From ancient times, it has already already involved herself in wine production. Even before the period of Ancient Greek civilization, the grapevines have already settled on the lands of Romania or what it used to be called Ancient Dacia. Christ was not even born by that time. The grapevine was described to be the mediator between men and nature during natural impedements.

Although Romania does not have the same climate as that of France, which is the world’s largest producer of wines, the fertile soil and favorable season has made it possible for vineyards to flourish for centuries to the present.

The Romanian wines is the the very expression of the Romanian spirit. As mentioned time and time again, producing wine have been a major part in the lives of the lands inhabitants. To date, Romania is the ninth vine grower in the world. Apart from this, it has received acknowledgment for producing some of the best wines exported throughout the world.

Wine making is engraved in their traditions and culture bringing prestige to the land named after the great Romans. Wine making is passed down from generation to generation. It has a vast wine producing basin of 228,942 hectares and in each area allowed the development of other grape varieties. Again, this is accorded to the perfect climate and soil for viticulture. “Alongside France, Italy, Spain, Germany, countries in this area like Romania could also be called "a vine homeland" in Europe.”

At present the wine regions in the country includes Cotnari, Dealu Mare, Murfatlar, Odobesti, Recas, Trnave, and Vanju Mare.