South African Culture

Thursday, March 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

South AfricaWhen you speak of South African culture, you are not talking of just one unique culture. South Africa is made up of a combination of different cultures. Throughout the history of South Africa, it has its own share of different foreign settlers and colonizers. Many tribes from neighboring lands came and find their way and began establishing homesteads in the area.

These tribes were able to bring along their rich collection of culture in a variety of means. Along with them, they were able to bring their own unique brand of arts and crafts that became a part of the culture of South Africa today.

Not only were the neighboring tribes the bringer of arts and culture to this land. There were also colonizers from other countries that eventually found South Africa. Colonizers from different countries in Europe such as Portugal, England and the Netherlands were able to influence a large part of South African culture. Such colonizers were able to bring with them a rich collection of arts, literature as well as music that formed another foundation for the eventual development of South African culture.

When such culture influences and contributions coming from different countries in mind, it is understandable to realize that South African culture is not just made up of a culture developed from one source. It is instead a whole range of cultures merged into one. It is certainly a fact that its diverse community of different races is very well represented in what is known today as the accepted culture of South Africa.

In South Africa, you can listen and sing to the ethnic music influenced by the tribal folk of Shakaland in KwaZulu- Natal. You can marvel at the oldest rock art culture sights that can be found in the Darkensberg Mountains. You may also view a number of South African art and drama in one of the many art galleries and theaters found in almost every city and town. That is just a part of what the diverse culture of South Africa can show you. Even the South African architecture shows a number of such evidences of its wide range of influences from other foreign cultures.

Music for the most part shows evidence of just how diverse South African culture really is. Classical music coming from Europe has found its way comfortably into the local ears of Africa. Such beautiful sounds can always be heard and enjoyed at al fresco concerts. Jazz in the typical South African style has become a traditional favorite in the townships.

Over the years, it has been developed into three distinctive genres- Township Jazz, Black Jazz, and Marabi. And that is not yet mentioning the rich ancient sounds of ethnic music that has been a part of what south African culture came to be since the very start.