Ukranian Cuisine

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Ukraine cuisineThe cuisine of Ukraine offers a plentiful history of dishes. There are dishes that have been lent to other types of cuisines such as Polish, German and Turkish foods. The cuisine of this country has also greatly influenced those cuisines of neighboring countries such as Russia. Meat, especially pork, is a victual that is enjoyed by Ukrainians.

Other ingredients which play a huge part in their food are berries, herbs, vegetables, fruits and mushrooms. Ukrainian food is essentially intended to be filing and must be served in large quantities. Here are just some of the foods that you can expect to find once you


Borscht – vegetable soup made with beets. This has thirty other recipes which come from all over the region.

Vushka (galushky) – rolled triangular dumplings that are stuffed with mushrooms in soup or on the side .

Hrybivka—mushroom soup, served with vushka

Kapusniak and solyanka—sauerkraut soups.

Rosolnyk—soup with pickles, sometimes served with kidneys.

Yushka—fish soup, made of fresh-water fish, usually carp.


Olivye – called the "Russian salad" in the West.

Vinihret – red beet root salad with peas, onions and beans.

Pickles — Pickled cucumbers (kvasheni ohirky) or tomatoes (kvasheni pomidory) are usually made with garlic and dill. Also, sauerkraut (kvashena kapusta).

Kapustianyi—sauerkraut or fresh shredded cabbage with mayonnaise, oil, topped with klukva or grated walnuts.

Vesnianyi—diced cucumbers and tomatoes, mixed with dill or parsley

Oseledets—pickled herring, usually served with onions, black pepper and sunflower oil.

Pid-shuboyu—beetroot salad with pickled herring, apple and onion, topped with mayonnaise.

Marinated mushrooms – an appetizer which is adorned with oil and onions.


Paska – traditional rich Easter bread. It is shaped in a short round form. The top of the paska is decorated with typical Easter symbols, such as roses or crosses.

Babka – an Easter bread which is usually a sweet dough with raisins and other dried fruit. It is usually baked in a tall, cylindrical form.

Kolach – ring-shaped bread normally served at Christmas and funerals. The dough is braided, often with three strands representing the Holy Trinity.

Main course

Pyrohy— baked/fried dumplings. Usually more of a desert-type with fruit or poppy seed fillings and a sweeter dough than that of the Varenyky.

Varenyky (often called perogies in English)— boiled dumplings, usually filled with potatoes, cabbage, cheese, or seasonal fruits, topped with butter and sugar or shkvarky (fried bits of salo and onions), accompanied with sour cream.

Cabbage rolls (holubtsi)—cabbage (or vine) leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice or millet (pshono), or buckwheat-stuffed beet leaves.

Syrnyky—cottage cheese fritters, sometimes with raisins.

Mlyntsi—crepes (blyntsi or nalisnyky), filled usually with cottage cheese, meat, caviar or fruits.

Stuffed duck or goose garnished with apples.

Game—hare, quail, wild boar and moose meat is also prepared when available.

Roast meat (pechenya)—pork, veal, beef or lamb roast.

Fish (ryba)—fried in egg and flour; cooked in oven with mushrooms, cheese and

Salo—salted pork fat, similar to bacon but with significantly higher ratio of fat to meat, or occasionally raw pig fat.


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