2005 Cline Cellars Syrah Cool Climate Sonoma Coast

Thursday, April 17th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Cline Cellars Syrah Cool climateIt seems that wine from the California vineyards have steadily been enjoying their own distinguished run at the top of wine lists. One of them is Cline Cellars Syrah 2000.

This excellent brand of red wine comes from the Cline’s vineyards down the fertile hills and plains of Sonoma Valley which has become known for its harvests of grape varietals that find their way into some of the California’s best wines.

The Cline Cellars Syrah Cool Climate 2005 comes from the southern end of the Sonoma Coast. This area is known for their Syrah that is produced into wine with a rich blueberry character and its rich red color.

With the Cline Cellars Syrah Cool Climate 2005, one gets to capture hints of black pepper spice to go along with its fruity flavor that truly makes the experience quite unique. And it is not some experience that you can reserve for just the special occasions.

With the Cline Cellars Syrah Cool Climate 2005 going at just under 20 US dollars a bottle, you can enjoy this experience on a daily basis if you so like.


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