Bordeaux Wines

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Bordeaux is probably one of the most recognizable wines to ever come out of France. And France has been known for a long time for its long line of quality wines. Bordeaux is just one of them. This wine came from the French wine region known by the same name.

Bordeaux, France is considered as the second largest wine growing area in the world with over 284,320 acres of prime land being planted with vines. Every year, the region is able to produce over 700 million bottles of quality wine that can range from table wines to the most expensive and sought-after vintages today.

The best of Bordeaux wine selections are actually certain blends of different grape varieties. Wineries from all over the world have been trying to create wines in typical Bordeaux style by blending different grape varieties to come up with a unique line of wine vintages. Bordeaux wines are not merely made of the red grape varieties.

There are also a great selection of white wines to choose from. The quality of the wines from Bordeaux stem from its long and rich history. Historical accounts seem to place the beginnings of wine production in this famed region in as early as 48 AD. It was the Romans who were the first to establish the first vineyards in the region in order to cultivate wines for its soldiers occupying the area. Recorded historical accounts showed the first evidence of vineyards in Bordeaux around 71 AD.

Around that time, Bordeaux wines were only being produced for local consumption as the volume of wine production was still limited. But during the 12th century, the popularity of Bordeaux wines began its upward climb. More and more foreign wine connoisseurs seem to have an increased liking to the wines coming from this region that theres no other recourse but to export them. And thus vineyards in Bordeaux began to grow in number and the volume of wine production also increased to cope up with the demand for its wines.

Bordeaux wines have three distinct quality levels. They are recognized by their labels. The Bordeaux is known to be the first level of AOC (Appellation d’origine Contrôlée) wine. This are usually composed of wines that are coming from all the areas of Bordeaux. These wines are considered the least expensive and used for easy drinking.

The next level is distinguished with the label having listed the region where the wine was produced. These are of higher quality wines since only wines made in a certain area can be known by its regional name. Wines with such labels are considered more distinguished than those wines labeled only as Bordeaux.

The wines of most renown in this region are those that are considered as chateau wines. These are the wines that are the products of individual vineyards. Of the three, these are considered as the most distinguished of wines from Bordeaux. Chateau wines are further classified into different of quality depending on which vineyard they came from. Most of the most popular vineyards also have their own classification systems. These are also the wines that command the highest prices around the world.


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