J. Lohr 2005 Estates South Ridge Syrah

Thursday, April 17th, 2008 at 12:00 am

J. Lohr 2005 Estates South Ridge SyrahThe 2005 Estates South Ridge Syrah from J Lohr is one of those quality Syrah wines that you wouldn’t think you can afford. This excellent selection of a wine is grown on the chalky clay soils of the South Ridge, Paso Robles vineyards.

This exquisite blend of Syrah wine is considered characteristically strong and dense. Its flavor is reminiscent of blackberry and plum fruit with hints of cherry. Hints of charred spice can also be distinguished from its unique aroma.

The flavor is balanced by its hints of vanilla oak in addition to the rich tannins that beautifully reached the mid and rear palate. This excellent quality Syrah will go well with a meal of braised beef.

What makes the 2005 Estates South Ridge Syrah even more fascinating is that its quality has been awarded by many experts to be one of the best wines in its class.

What’s more, this excellent bottle of wine just under 20 US dollars. The price is reason enough to give it a try and enjoy some of the quality pleasures that are usually reserved only for more expensive wines.


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