Qupe Syrah Central Coast

Thursday, April 17th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Qupe Syrah central coastIn the past, seldom can one enjoy good quality wine at a price that would be heavy on one’s pocket. But with the popularity of wines coming from the vineyards of sunny California, most wine lovers may have the chance to enjoy some of the best wine experiences that were once only reserved for kings.

Okay, that may be going a bit overboard, but California’s wines have certainly gone a long way into making it as one of the most popular as well as the most affordable of quality wines around.

A point of consideration would be the state’s produce of Syrah wines. One of the most notable that comes to mind would be Qupe’s Syrah Central Coast.

For several years now, the Qupe Syrah Central Coast has been named as one of the best Syrahs under 20 US dollars in many wine expert’s lists. And to say that Syrah wines in this area are just one shot deals would be a mistake.

When talking about the area, what is meant is the fertile vineyards of Santa Barbara County. In the 2005 Qupe Syrah Central Coast wine, the grapes came from a blend of 16 vineyards which included those grown in Paso Robles and Arroyo Grande.

This blend resulted in a light wine with a ruby red character, deep hints of pepper and a touch of licorice.

This wine was made with early consumption in mind. And going at under 20 US dollars a bottle, there would be plenty to go around with at such an affordable to make daily consumption a possible option.


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