Saturday Red Wine

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007 at 12:00 am

Saturday Red Winemaker’s Choice is a relatively new wine that has successfully broken into the European wine market. Produced from California’s fertile Lodi soil, Saturday Red has a competitive price and is widely considered as a fun table wine that targets a broad audience.

Lodi’s warm days and cool nights Mediterranean climate made it possible the world’s top wines from varieties like cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. Other varietals growers choose to cultivate in the fertile Lodi soils include white varieties like viognier and albarino and other reds like petite syrah, barbera and tempranillo.

In spite of being grown in California, Saturday Red has notable Italian influences. The name itself came from the Italian tradition where people line up in front of their local wineries with jugs in their hands to get a chance to sample the wineries’ latest offerings.

Trying to replicate that tradition, Saturday Red, is a true jug wine being sold in a 1-liter screw-top glass jug, complete with a little handle. And since Saturday Red’s jug is one third bigger than the usual .750 liter bottle, that little handle does come in handy when lifting the wine.

The wine is a Syrah blend with a touch of Sangiovesel varietal. The aroma resembles more like sweet barnyard than any other smell. It is smooth, ripe and rich and can go with almost anything. The bright cherry fruit, low, soft tannins flavor makes it perfect for pizza, pasta, and meat. So don’t be fooled with the label, Saturday Red is not just for Saturday drinking on the contrary the wine can be bought and drank everyday.

Saturday Red came from the same makers of the more popular Jewel brand of wines. Jewel has a big selection of wine coming from mostly Lodi vines and is one of the hottest brands in American wine today. The Viognier and Pinot Noir are considered specialties by Jewel.

With this much popularity and acceptance from both local and foreign audience, Saturday Red is a young entry-level wine that is enjoying considerable success. The wine costs about $10 bottle and has bold red graphics and comes in a wooden box crate. The name itself has already shown some impact and appeal. The wine is having much success in Europe with bottles quickly flying off the shelves. It only comes to show what price, value, unique packaging and bold wooden box graphics can do to a wine’s popularity.