Zinfandel Wines

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Zinfandel wine is produced using zinfandel or the red skinned wine grape type. Zinfandel is the most popular widespread wine variety in the United States. View information on zinfandel wine and grapes.Zinfandel or the red-skinned wine grape type which is found in Long Island has a lot of other names by which it is known.

Its other names are zinfandel, zinfandel, zinfardell and zeinfandall. Some people simply call in Zin. Whatever it is called, it is one of the few grape varieties that have intense fruitiness that tasters do not know what to call it. It has one of the highest alcohol content and it has a lush texture to it. It is because of this that Zinfandel wine tastes spicy as well as fruity at the same time.

Several vintners use Zinfandel grapes to come up with wine which has a wide range of tastes and styles including the sweet White Zinfandel grapes, light bodied red wines which taste much like the Beaujolais nouveau of the French region. The various wine critics have already considered this type of wine to be rather "uninteresting" but the various heavy styles that the other people go for are now being criticized as well. This makes Zinfandel one of the most unique wine varieties that anyone will ever be able to give.

The new way that Zinfandel is being manufactured, it turns out to be that the wines are quite remarkable and complex at the same time retaining its sweet and subtle power in its tastes. Now, Zinfandel has already evolved to contain fuller fruit flavors than before.

Zinfandel was already brought to the United States from several collections of the Imperial State Nursery of Vienna in the 1820s. Because it needed the right amount of precipitation and humidity, it was grown in greenhouses in the cooler places. In California, the very first Zinfandel vineyards were planted way back in the 1830s. By the end of the 19th century, the popularity of the wine grew and it then became the most widespread variety in the United States.

There have been vintners who have been able to grow this type of variety for over one hundred years. Many of the oldest wineries in existence in California have actually been considered as a landmark with historical value. Zinfandel was once in danger of being replaced by those grape varieties which would be thicker. However, the market for Zinfandel then increased sufficiently that the old vine Zinfandels eventually became quite valuable on its own.

Today, Zinfandel is grown by over 200 producers and its percentage of the total vineyard territory has grown up to over 23%. The quality and the character of the wine is largely dependent on the place of cultivation as well as the age of the vineyard and the accompanying technology in which the wine is made.

Zinfandel has already become so popular there was an association that was established in order to promote the unique varietal as well as the wine itself. It was called ZAP or Zinfandel Advocates and Producers. The institution also wanted to conduct research on it and it wanted to further all other developments on making this varietal a great and classic choice for vintners and wine lovers for years to come.


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