Champagne Wines

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Champagne is probably one of the most recognizable sparkling wines around. Champagne is made solely in the wine region in France of the same name. It is quite a unique wine in that it is produced by allowing the wine to undergo secondary fermentation in the bottle to allow carbonation to take effect.

This is usually done by adding yeast into the wine for the secondary fermentation, although some producers may have their own secrets in doing it. Because of the popularity of such sparkling wine, Champagne has already been used as a term for other sparkling wines that have undergone the same fermentation process.

The wine region of Champagne in France is probably the most notable region where such wines are being produced. After all, it is where this popular sparkling beverage originated from. This wine region has over 32,000 hectares of vineyards maintained and developed for the production of Champagne. This wine region alone is able to put out over 300 million bottles of the popular sparkling wine yearly, making it one of the most productive wine regions in France.

The popularity of Champagne as a worldwide beverage of choice during special occasions stemmed mainly from the way the wine producers in the said wine region have been able to market it. Early marketers have sold the image of Champagne as a drink of the aristocrats and royalty.

Early Champagne wines were labeled and packaged showing it as a choice of the more affluent consumers. Early Champagne producers never fail to mention the various kings and queens and other members of the aristocracy who have chosen their wine over the others. This seemed to be successful in having more and more people try to indulge in the wine as one of luxury and prestige that others may not be so lucky to enjoy.

But now, with that foundation laid during the early times, Champagne has not only grown in popularity but already has been produced worldwide in order to satisfy the demands for it. There are other interesting features that come with every Champagne bottle that other types of wines may not seem to have. One of them is that one has to know about the proper way of opening a Champagne bottle.

Because Champagne is a sort of a carbonated beverage, it has been known to spray out its contents due to the pressure inside, as what usually can be experienced during many a victory party in sporting occasions or even in revelry. But not all the time would everyone waste such good sparkling wine to such sprays.

Therefore there are other ways to open up a Champagne bottle in order to reduce the risk of spilling out or even preventing the cork from becoming into a dangerous projectile. A Champagne bottle can be opened by holding the cork and rotating the bottle instead. One can also tilt the bottle into a 45 degree angle when opening in order to help minimize excessive bubbling. By dong this, the cork may be eased out slowly with a sigh rather than go our with an explosive pop.


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