Great Sauvignon Blanc Wines

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 at 12:00 am

With a number of great white wine choices out there, one could certainly have a hard time choosing a bottle that would surely be up to one’s standards. Recommendations and looking at wine reviews would really help guide you what are the finest choices that are available for you out there. And one of the best white wine choices that you can begin your search with is looking at several fine Sauvignon Blanc wines in your area.

Sauvignon Blanc wines are made from a type of green skinned grape variety which was first largely planted in the vineyards in Bordeaux in France. It first started as an indigenous grape variety in Western France, hence its French name which means "wild white". It produces a crisp and dry white wine that has become so popular the world over that many wine regions from other countries have already adopted Sauvignon Blanc for cultivation. Many of the popular Sauvignon Blanc wines come from New Zealand.

New Zealand offers wine lovers with a variety of fine Sauvignon Blanc wines to choose from. The finest bottles usually originate from the Marlborough wine region where sandy soils and the maritime climate become the most suitable location for planting such grape varieties. The good drainage of the soils and the poor fertility helps in making the grapes of the vine to fully concentrate its flavors in their lower yields. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wines acquire their taste and flavor from the difference of soils and the harvest time of the said grapes.

For the best in New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wines, you can try out the Kathy Lynskey 2005 Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough Vineyard Select. This white wine selection surely should be a part of your many other fine white wine options. A gold medal winner for Best White Wine in the 2006 LA County Fair Wines of the World Competition, you would not go wrong having this heavenly white wine as part of your dining pleasure. This 2005 vintage of Sauvignon Blanc wine from Kathy Lynskey is produced from a vineyard of old riverbed soils that produce grape varieties with lower acidic content and softer ripe citrus and tropical flavors which complement some of its herbal and lime flavors.

This 2005 Sauvignon Blanc vintage evoke a bouquet reminiscent of mineral, gooseberry and tropical fruit aromas. The Kathy Lynskey’s pride also has that well balanced acidity that gives way to a lingering soft finish that makes the so a delight to enjoy with broiled fish or citrus seasoned chicken recipes. What also makes it such a delightful white wine to enjoy is that it is not priced as high as you would think such fine white wines should belong to. At less that $15 for a bottle, anyone would have the opportunity to enjoy the elegance and flavor of what excellent Sauvignon Blanc wines should really be like.


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